Thursday, October 2, 2008

A short list

Things I'm into lately:

The ongoing Somali pirate drama, and pirate drama in general. (I will be sorry when it's over.)

"Thirteen" by Jason Robert Brown, which I saw in previews last week. It's high-energy and catchy - not something one would remember forever, but just emotionally complex enough to hold itself together, and the kids in it can really dance.

The new film with Greg Kinnear, A Flash of Genius, which I saw in previews the day after that. The whole cast and crew were there, and so was the writer of the original New Yorker article (which felt very glamorous). It's beautifully lit, and a good premise for discussions of intellectual property (though the use of this sort of property was not as relevant to discussions of digitally shared intellectual property, so I would have liked it a bit better if the script had been open to that interpretation). The acting's great, but somehow "the American dream" didn't really resonate with me while the stocks were falling roughly 200 points in the time it took to watch this 90-minute film.

The fake Obama ads The Onion did after McCain (1) refused to look Obama in the eye, and (2) wouldn't shake his hand when they met in person.

Sarah Palin poetry.

This testament to dear neighbors and dedicated readers. (Awww.)

This new video from Alex Itin, taking drawings from his exhibit and some images from "The Little Prince."

Robotic spy planes.
Of course.

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