Friday, October 24, 2008

Advanced Style and Songs for Ice Cream Trucks

I am so into this site, which displays some serious style from some seriously cool older folks. (Thanks, Elizabeth!)

Also, yesterday I found Cassette From My Ex through Brooklyn Hunkering, and I think it's the best use of audio + storytelling I've seen online in a while. Ooh, and it led me to 1859, a podcast series by Michael Hearst and Rick Moody. Michael Hearst's entry on Cassette was adorable, so I followed the link to his album, Songs for Ice Cream Trucks, which was profiled by the Gothamist.

Here was his debut in Park Slope. It's not well-filmed, but it's in one of my favorite bars in our neighborhood. And that hat is terrific:

Anyone who's all right by Rick Moody is all right by me.

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