Saturday, July 19, 2008

On our walk home from the movies:

Me: That was the most dystopian and apocalyptic film I've seen in a long time.
My roommate: I know! And I've seen every movie David Lynch has ever done!

Were we talking about the Dark Knight? No.
Other than one joke about growing pizza from the ground, Wall-E is not a children's movie. All the kids in the matinée showing with us will watch this movie in college and discuss the political and environmentalist implications of it. They will know then how it shadowed their childhoods. I certainly hope they tell us about it.

The adults in the audience bawled at the end. All of them. I don't think you can absorb the ending until you're of the age where you understand memory loss. This movie is devastating.

(However, the credits are perfectly adorable. And Wall-E's eyes are so darn cute. And the children in the audience seemed relatively unscathed. Kids are pretty resilient, after all.)

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