Saturday, July 19, 2008

I didn't harvest any of these links, but you'll like them.

The new Batman movie is intensely dark and totally awesome. (Thanks, Liz.)

Batman's my favorite superhero: he just really likes dressing as a bat, and people respect him for it. (He was also The Superhero for Wired readers before Wired was around.) His costume in the new movie is pretty good, and Iron Man's costume certainly worked for Robert Downey Jr. The ultimate material for a superhero costume, though, is graphene. (Thanks, Kaelin.)

Speaking of reimagined looks, here's what people think of the new Rolling Stone. (Thanks, Shea.)

It's no longer a Dark Night here - it's 5:35 AM - so you'll have to forgive that corny pun. Have a good time waiting in line for Batman! It's worth it.

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