Sunday, August 17, 2008

Night of Pandas Turns Into A Zoo

As we ate in the Whole Foods cafeteria last night, on the second story overlooking Union Square, friends and I watched two people with panda flags gather an enormous crowd. They put on panda masks and shirts and painted faces. I was hoping it was some V For Vendetta-like protest, but we learned it was just a promotion for a radio station party.

That's not the end of the story, though. Later that night, the panda party made their way on the L train, where they had a good chance of snowballing into an enormous black-and-white Williamsburg dance party.

...And there, the cops took them out. This is documented in plenty of photographs and on video, which is now let loose in the wild world of YouTube.

This is one of those events that makes my parents' generation shake their heads and talk about how kids these days never get arrested for protesting Iraq.

Never fear, dear anarchists. There is still a chance that when "The Revolution" arrives, it will arrive in pandaface.

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