Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here's the story of a hurricane.

Would you trust this to protect you against natural disaster?
Y'all know better.
If you are in New Orleans, please, please, please leave.

(I took these photos on a service trip eight months after Katrina.)

Get out. Please.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you have friends down there and you are concerned for their safety.

But there are many people in New Orleans who are choosing to stay because they have been dealing with tropical storms and/or hurricanes once a year for their entire lives, and they know what they are getting into. And they know how to take care of themselves. And they are getting resentful of the patronizing attitude of the media and people who have never lived there who think they know what's best for the people of New Orleans.

I understand that you're concerned for people who are down there. But I have people down there who I care about as well. And, while I am concerned for their safety, I also trust them when they decide to stay.

(And I recognize that not everyone chooses to stay. There are some who are incapable of getting out. And that is a tragedy, but also a slightly different rant.)

Kay Arr said...

I understand your point. I'm not trying to say I Know Better Than Anyone in New Orleans What's Best for New Orleans. But the coverage the night this was posted, which I link to on the page, said that this was a Level Five storm. That sounded like a pretty good reason to get out. If people chose to stay, that's their decision. I don't really expect them to take my opinion over their own; I'm not there, I wouldn't know. They got lucky - the storm did relatively little damage. But this post is a reaction to the governor's message to the city, and at the time it did not look like that was how things were going. They were wrong, and I was wrong. Thanks for responding.