Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's definitely the multitasking season. I am having evenings where I officially open four tabs on my web browser, three Word documents relating to my thesis, two Word documents relating to my job applications, one program to download television for a break midway through, and some music program to keep up my energy. One e-mail reminds me of something I wanted to say in my job application, and that reminds me of something I wanted to e-mail a professor, and that reminds me of a website I meant to check, and I haven't got anything new in my inbox so I write some short stories to kill time between e-mails. And I get up for a cup of tea and my roommate reminds me we meant to watch something else, so I come back and download it, and send another two e-mails while I'm waiting.

My desk doesn't look so cluttered as the picture above (taken during an honors paper), but my brain feels like it. This is a generational divide. My mother can't write an e-mail with music on.

Everything seems to feel more complete when I approach it in this manner, but it's a lot for one brain to remember.

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Evan McLaren said...

Your face is an attitude.