Friday, February 29, 2008

"Money is, like, really important and stuff."

I have spent the last three days filling out little slips of paper to show interest in teaching jobs at a conference of something like two hundred private schools. The slips of paper have my assigned number above my name, in case a company wants to look up my resume, and about four lines for me to write a comment or question. Mine looked a little something like this:

I sat with another hundred-something candidates and we all checked our boxes hourly or bi-hourly (I believe I've just invented this word), waited in the line at Starbucks, or thought about when we'd next eat. It was remarkably pleasant - I don't know that an environment where everyone is dressed in suits makes everyone display his/her best behavior, but it definitely makes everyone speak more quietly. Here is the hope: employment. Maybe even a career. Beyond that, since we're hoping, maybe an enjoyable career. Here is the current reality: fudge-striped cookies for breakfast.

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