Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Urban Boyscout Badge #3

Image via Chancre Photo.

My computer was out of ink (it printed precisely five liney pages before both $40 cartridges died all together) and I had an interview yesterday morning. One problem with being laid off is you have to revise your resume, thus making the twenty copies you made on nice paper rather worthless.

The interview was in Midtown, so I stopped in the lobby of a fancy hotel and used their office space. This is really not a bad idea. It takes five minutes and costs much less than those fancy Kinkos stores. Also you can spend five minutes pretending this is the lobby of YOUR fancy hotel, where you regularly stay on business trips because you run your own company and give yourself a generous salary with all sorts of perks. And you live in a place with much lower taxes than New York, so you can spend money seeing plays or eating in fancy tourist restaurants and pretending you live in the city instead of actually trying to live here.

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