Sunday, January 6, 2008



It's a new year, and I'm not resolving anything. I have plenty of goals, and this is my year to act upon them; I don't need guilty for not going to the gym or forgetting to file my receipts to take hold of me while I ought to be finding a job or a livable apartment.

I've been thinking of a new idea for a reality TV show: it's like The Hills, but not in California, and not with rich girls. How about a show where twenty-somethings struggle to pay their bills, find jobs and health insurance? Oh, wait. Nobody wants to watch that brand of reality.

I'm thrilled to finally apply for jobs. I love my work; as long as I can continue in this field, it will be a fulfilling career. And our minimum wage is the lowest in the country - it's all up from here, I hope.

Have you made resolutions? Does anyone actually keep them? I think it's nice to practice bettering oneself, but do we usually make it through December? Resolutions are implicitly difficult to keep and easy to dismiss. Perhaps my resolution will be to forgive myself for little things, like arriving on time instead of ten minutes early or taking up someone's offer to stay on their couch rather than feeling too frightened to invade. Forgiveness is a slippery creature.

But back to that reality show: it's like Rent, but in real time, and no one's dying of AIDS. There's got to be a market for it. Young audiences would love it! Though I guess the people who would empathize wouldn't be able to afford cable. There would definitely be hookups and breakups, arguments with family, maybe someone could move onto the street... yeah, it'd be tricky to film. But I'd definitely be into it.

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